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wedding invitation suite worksheet

I'm so pleased to have the opportunity to create a beautiful invitation suite for your special day! Please take some time to think through the various verbiage options you have for your invitation suite and then complete the following worksheet. I love providing guidance if you are uncertain or need clarification for any elements of the worksheet, so please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions:

Bride's Full Name *
Bride's Full Name
Groom's Full Name *
Groom's Full Name
Which of the following do you anticipate wanting to include in your invitation suite: *
Date, Time, Location
1. Reception Location: 2. Reception Time: 3. Type of Reception (seated dinner, buffet, cocktails and dancing, etc): 4. Will all guest be invited to the reception or only specific guests: 5. Would you like to mention a desired dress code for your guests? If so, which what would you like to request (Black Tie, White Tie, Cocktail, Casual, Themed etc.):
Please see the separate document I have provided (Tips for Invitation Copy Writing) which shares insight and guidance for the various lines of the invitation card, etiquette tips, and options for specific verbiage.
Header phrase ideas: • Please Reply, RSVP, Kindly Respond, The Favour of your response is requested by, Répondez s'il vous plaît Accept/Decline phrases: • Accepts with pleasure/declines with regret • Accepts/ Declines • will____attend • Another option is to leave a blank space or line to encourage your guests to include their own personal note The RSVP by date: • Typically 2-4 weeks before the wedding • It may be helpful to confirm this date with your venue/caterer if they need a confirmed headcount by a specific date More than one event response may be requested on a single reply card if guests are invited to welcome dinners or other events in addition to the wedding Some choose to include a line for guests to indicate the number of guests attending Some choose to ask for guests’ menu selections at the time of their reply
• Reception information can either be listed on your invitation card or on a separate card. • Provide the venues name and include a street address if it is not well known. • It is appropriate to list desired attire on your reception card
These fields are all optional and only need to be completed if you plan to use any of the specific cards listed: