Hermes On-Site Fragrance Engraving in Seattle

I am always excited about the opportunity to partner with wonderful brands and local departments stores.  So, when I was contacted by Hermes and learned that they were looking for a Seattle engraver to assist with the launch events for their new luxury fragrance line, I was thrilled! It's not every day I get to work with such an incredible brand... or to have a work station that smells so heavenly. 


The new fragrance "Twilly d Hermes" is not only a delight to smell with notes of ginger, sandalwood, and tuberose, but it also comes in an adorable bottle complete with a derby hat and mini Twilly scarf. Plus, it has a nice big area for engraving!


The two engraving events that I participate in were held at the Downtown Seattle Nordstrom Flagship store. These in-store events are a welcome contrast to my solitary studio. It is so enjoyable to have the opportunity to interact with clientele and to see their reactions to seeing their personalized messages engraved into items.  I have found that the engraving itself provides an intriguing element of entertainment for guests as they watch the process of engraving free-hand without the use of lasers. Several clients came by to purchase the bottles as gifts and then decided to purchase another as a gift for themselves after seeing the engraving. I'll take that form of affirmation any day! Or, perhaps they are just like me and like to adhere to the principal of shopping "one for you, one for me."


As part of the week long launch, store guests were invited to sample the fragrance and have a fun photo opp in the Photo Booth. As evidence below, I am a bit of a sucker for Photo Booth fun!


There was such a variety of personalized options that people requested during the two events. I believe I engraved a few monograms, fun nicknames, personal mantras, memorable destinations, special dates, and of course individual names. This monogram was a personal favorite:


I have several more in-store events coming up in the near future, so I will do my best to share more of these wonderful events. Next week I will be at the Bellevue Square Nordstrom personalizing Ugg boots with gold monograms. The event is Thursday, September 21st from 3pm-6pm, so I'll try to do my part in helping everyone looking sharp for the first day of fall which is the very next day!

Looking forward to more upcoming engraving and in-store events!